​1. How to streamline the organization with a new management system 

- Inger Anette Backer, Senior HSEQ Specialist at VNG Norge, and Daniel Gjerde, Risk and Compliance Responsible from Qualisoft. 
This presentation will detail the story of how VNG Norge innovated by creating a Management System that leads the way in the business when it comes to standardizing and streamlining the entire organization through value chain focus, compliance, risk management and relationship from top to bottom and across. 

We will drill down into the process orientation of the organization, included process work across the entire value chain, reducing and simplifying governing documentation, clear accountability and responsibility for operational personnel, compliance management and the implementation of a process governance model ensuring continuous improvement, learning and standardization.

2. UXrisk+Qualiware 6 integration 

- Tor Inge Gran, QHSE Domain Responsible, EPIM, Terje Bondhus, Risk expert, Proactima.

UX risk integrated with Qualiware 6 visualizes risk in the organization and raises risk awareness. We look at everyday use, how the integration between UX risk and Qualiware works and looks, and how EPIM utilizes the solution. Risk Management reduces uncertainty and by handling generic risk in processes, you strengthen operational risk.

3. How EPIM uses Strategy, Capabilities, Risk Management and Qualiware Management System to steer the organization 

- Tor Inge Gran, QHSE Domain Responsible, EPIM

EPIM is developing the organization to meet the demands from stakeholders, by incorporating strategy, risk management, and value chain focus. By mapping which capabilities is needed to reach the organization objectives, the organization reduces uncertainty, and builds internal understanding of its strength. Capability bridges strategy and the ability to reach strategic objectives. 


  • 11.15-12.00    Welcome, sandwiches and coffee
  • 12.00-13.00    VNG & Qualisoft: How to streamline the organization with a new management system 
  • 13.00-14.00    Epim, Proactima & Qualisoft: UX risk+Qualiware 6 integration 
  • 14.00-14.15    Coffee and chocolates
  • 14.15-15.15    Epim & Qualisoft, How to use Strategy, Capabilities, Risk Management and a Management System to run your organization.
  • 15.15-15.20    End of day - VNG, Epim, Proactima & Qualisoft are available for dialogue and networking. 

Oil Forum 2016  |  May 30  |  11.00 - 15.20

11.00 - 15.20
iPark, Stavanger

At Oil Forum 2016 you`ll learn from companies such as VNG, EPIM, Proactima and Qualisoft.

Together we`ll show you how to achieve your organization’s objectives by integrating Risk Management, Strategy and Capabilities in your business management systems. 

Oil Forum 2016  |  May 30  |  11.00 - 15.20

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