Revitalizing the Management System has given great positive effects



After having had success with the introduction of the Process Oriented Management System in 2007 the system became static and little used in the following years. However, with new ownership and commitment of key employees and management the focus was yet again put on the value of a management system both internally and externally. The management team identified the system as a business necessity and initiated a re-launch. With a strong ownership and commitment, the project started towards obtaining a system that would benefit the Proserv employees in their daily work.


The purpose of the project was to relaunch a process oriented management system that would give the Proserv organization positive effects both internally and externally, as well as improving the HSE and Quality standard of the business. Some of the specific goals were to:

  • Create a simple-to-use and easy-to-find system

  • Focus on the ownership and employee commitment

  • Establish a one-stop-shop for all governing documentation

  • Increase level of compliance

  • Utilize system towards vendors and clients and as tool for internal training

  • Improve operational efficiency without affecting quality or safety

Positive Changes

Proserv has obtained the following positive changes and concrete benefits after the relaunch of the Management System:

  • It now helps the employees in daily work

  • It is live and is being continuously improved

  • It is used in employee training and introduction

  • The processes are in focus and all related information is easily available

  • The system ensures ISO certification

  • Project teams are more efficient with less resources

  • Employee satisfaction has increased

  • Improved from B to A rated vendor

  • Audits reveal almost none non-conformances

Way forward

Proserv is continuously working with improving their business by improving their processes. They have adopted the LEAN methodology in the improvement work and are seeing the benefits. Going forward the goal is to ensure continuous ISO 9001 compliance and to streamline and simplify the system and existing processes. QualiWare together with the chosen LEAN methodology is a great way of driving business performance in Proserv



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